How should I spend my budget?

Remember it is YOUR budget

One of the great things about organising and directing your own support is that it brings living well into line with everything else in life.

The whole point of a personal health budget or direct payment is to enable your needs to be met in ways that mean you are living life; in your own place and with family, friends and community.  The journey starts with a plan of support that is approved by the NHS or your local authority. In this planning phase all the key ingredients of what the funds should be used for are agreed.  As long as support arrangements and activities meet your needs and are safe and legal then you can use your budget in ways you judge to be best for you.


Even if you are funding your own care and support, it is wisdom to appreciate the full costs along with a plan to get the best from life; to allow your health to improve or to achieve a positive outlook when managing disability or long term poor health.

Developing an imaginative and bespoke plan that will assure the NHS or local authority, you and your family also gives you confidence that you will get the right support.

Your budget should be spent in line with your support plan.  The Local Authority may ask you to use a managed bank account with an organisation like us or a pre payment debit card. Some also insist you spend your budget at authorised outlets for care and support. It is up to you to decide to agree to this or not. You can receive funds directly into your own bank account. Then you must directly account for their use.  So some people prefer to have the support of an organisation like Salvere to manage the funds and make payments to your staff and services on your behalf and following your instructions.


Generally speaking, much of a budget for support is taken up with paying for caregiving staff who you might employ directly with our help or through the purchase of homecare support and combinations of both of these.  There is always some money left over for such things as; support toward staff training and development, daytime activities, short holiday breaks for you and carers, equipment and items that support your needs such as communication aids. This can mean that broadband with tablet computers and mobile phones which aid lifestyle and support needs can be appropriate purchases too.  An art develops to create good plans of support which are creative, safe, legal and cost effective in the use of a budget to meet your support requirements.

If you want to discover more about planning good support, think about joining Salvere as a member (if you are not already on one of our schemes with your local authority in Bolton and York) and we will help you make some good choices.

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How do I find good care?

In search of good support

Many people find it a challenge to make a decision about the best care solution for an ageing relative. We know that most people want to remain at home if at all possible.  We also know that most people and families leave it very late in the day to get support in place before events overtake them.  It is often a crisis that drives the search for good support.

A photo by JD  Mason.

Everyone is different and so individuals and families have varying levels of resolve to ensure their loved one can remain at home.  Whatever stage you think you are at, there are always options to consider and we know there are more options than people often expect.

Steps to Consider

1. What are the wishes of the person who needs the support?

2. Does your loved one live alone?

3. Think about making home living safer by using small aids to daily living, adapting the property and using new care technology – telecare.

4. Consider if someone could move in to support or if your loved one can move in with you.

5. Think about hiring or employing a care giver to support you in caring for your loved one.

6. Is a move to supported living an option  – sheltered or extra care housing?

7. Consider bringing homecare services into the home

8. Talk to social services and health services about an assessment of need for residential or nursing care if remaining at home is not an option.

9. If your loved gets support from social services it may be possible to take the care budget as a direct payment for you or your loved one to manage.  This can be a very effective way to be in control of the care and support solutions you want to use.  You can use this budget to employ caregivers or buy homecare services.

10. If your loved one qualifies for Continuing Healthcare, then you can consider taking the healthcare budget as a direct payment in the form of a Personal Health Budget.  This gives you a lot of flexibility in managing the health and care support and maintaining life at home for you or your relative.

Once you are clear on your next steps it is time to make a plan.

Plan Options

At Salvere we support people to live well, organise support and purchase care services.

Our service is for anyone and it is aimed at making sure you can be confident about employing personal assistance, using home care agencies, residential care and arranging holiday breaks.

If you use direct payments or personal health budgets we can support you to manage these simply, safely and legally.

If you are funding your own care and support we can help you to plan and set up care support as well as manage funds on your behalf.


  • Annual Membership for anytime advice
  • Setup your support
  • Caregiver Recruitment
  • Staff Management
  • Care Agency Brokerage
  • Payroll
  • Managed Account Service
  • Employer Liability Insurance

 Call us on 0300 303 3064 or to discuss your options.

If I change my mind about how I want to use my budget, what should I do?

First of all, check your support plan to make sure that any changes to your spending plans are safe, legal and help you to achieve your outcomes. If you are in receipt of a direct payment then the local authority will need to approve any changes to your support plan. Talk to us at Salvere and we will guide you on the best course of action.

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