Posted by Stephen Sloss on 19/04/2016

It’s good to be Green and Salvere likes to take a simple approach.  Our Chief Exec, Stephen Sloss explains:



Salvere aims to be green and reduce its impact on the environment. This is an important role for our organisation, whether it’s recycling, saving energy or thinking about the way we travel.

We want to take a simple approach to reduce our environmental footprint and show our commitment to sustainable development, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Sustainability Policy

We are committed to good environmental practice and aim to reduce the environmental impact of all our business activities.

We will ensure that Salvere meets the minimum requirements set by environmental law in the country and that it fulfils its legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal.

We are committed to continual environmental improvement in our business and we will aim to include and train our workforce in our environmental programme.

We are committed to achieving our quality objectives by providing services that consistently fulfil and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

We will achieve our quality objectives through the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Assurance System.

We will maintain a respect for natural resources through conservation and material reuse and recovery, to purchase recycled materials and use recyclable packaging and other materials wherever possible.


We will ensure the responsible use of energy throughout the business including energy conservation and energy efficiency. To consider safer energy sources and where feasible give preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources.

We will aim to buy environmentally friendly produce and products for use in Salvere and to encourage our suppliers to operate good environmental practice and improve their own environmental awareness. We will aim to make contact with the community and other businesses to encourage additional environmental measures.

We will aim to conserve and encourage the natural flora and fauna for future generations

Our Strategy concentrates on five key areas:

Energy, Waste and recycling, Water, Business travel, Procurement


We acknowledge the aims of the UK’s Renewable Energy Strategy. The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, previously known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), is a mandatory, energy saving and carbon emissions reduction scheme for the UK.

Our office space consumes some 75% of energy used by Salvere. We need to do everything we can to optimise the energy we use

We aim to use the most energy efficient equipment lighting and heating that is possible in a given office space.

We recognise that often the simple measures like turning off computers at night and ensuring there is no unnecessary use of light and heat can make a real difference.

To help with this we will ensure our staff learn about energy conservation and apply that learning.

Salvere plans to ensure we use the most efficient means of getting from A to B. Often public transport makes more sense, particularly for longer journeys. However we can more often than not avoid travel altogether and use the phone, video and teleconferencing for meetings and coproduction.

We will actively encourage everyone to consider green and healthy methods of getting to work. There will be positive incentives for cycling and car sharing for example.

We will ensure our staff learn about energy conservation and apply that learning.


Waste and Recycling

We have a legal duty to dispose of the waste generated from our buildings and services properly. We’re also committed to reducing the amount of waste we generate in delivering services and increasing the amount we recycle. Our strategy emphasises four particular aspects of waste and recycling:

Reduce Waste

  • We aim to purchase only that which is really necessary.
  • All staff will be required to read documents on screen and print only what is necessary
  • Where possible we print and photocopy double-sided
  • We print in black and white whenever practical and use an economy print mode where available
  • We have the minimum number of printers
  • Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible
  • Use natural materials for cups plates etc. instead of plastics.
  • Cut down on food and drink waste – use refillable and reusable containers.



All buildings used by Salvere will have recycle points and ensure that anything that can be recycled is recycled. We will order products that are made from recycled materials wherever possible

Confidential Waste  will be collected and disposed of correctly from all sites.

Hazardous Waste  will be kept separate from general waste and disposed of correctly.


We know that a dripping tap can waste as much as 90 litres a week – more than half the amount each person in the UK uses every day for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Also 10 litres of tap water costs 1p; whilst 10 litres of water from a cooler costs£1.90. At Salvere we encourage the use of tap water.

Our services use a modest amount of water to ensure our staff are cared for well at work. We will use the safest minimum to provide a healthy working environment.

Everyone will be encouraged to use water wisely and not to waste it.


Wherever possible Salvere will use local suppliers and trades people, where economically viable. We encourage the use of food made from locally sourced ingredients. We will adopt corporate purchasing methods to acquire best value wherever possible in the interests of the company and our customers.

We will give preference to procuring from suppliers promoting “Fairtrade” and other environmental and social performance standards.

Where appropriate and safe we will encourage volunteering and the involvement of local communities in supplying “free” service and help to our customers. In return we will offer free support and advice to our volunteers when they are in need.


Salvere aims to be recognised as an environmentally friendly organisation. We will encourage our customers to be environmentally friendly too.


Stephen Sloss Sig

Stephen Sloss

Chief Executive

April 2016

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