Who we are and what we do 2017

Posted by Stephen Sloss on 10/02/2017

Salvere is a community interest company.  We are a not for profit social enterprise focused on helping people to organise care and support.

We were established in 2010 and we work in a unique way with local authorities, the NHS, care suppliers and the public.


We support NHS and local authorities to provide direct payments to citizens so that they can employ their own teams of personal assistants or procure services directly from suppliers. We deliver support planning services that help people to make good decisions about getting the right support and care within budgets available to them. We support patients and their families taking personal health budgets to plan, organise and manage their care support.

We offer private support to any member of the public wanting advice and support to organise care. Our service offers ongoing advice, information and HR support to help individual employers be good employers along with services like payroll and managed accounts to make life easier. No faff No fuss!


Also we help local authorities and the NHS to innovate and transform their services to give more people the opportunity to direct their own care and support. We provide strategic support and consultancy to think different and make the change.

Salvere Ethos 

Salvere was established to bring about the conditions that enable people to get the support they need to be well and in good health to remain independent. How support is defined and what form it takes can be what people want and afford.

Our emphasis and focus is on helping people to recover their independence by maximising people’s assets and strengths along with a universal approach that makes Salvere offers available to anyone.

Our overall aim is to enable citizens to find or create their own solutions with as much or as little direct control of those solutions as desired and as much or as little help from Salvere as required.

This means we aim to be a highly innovative company providing information, advice, services, consultancy, technology solutions and a range of tools and products that people can use to recover and maintain their  independence.

We are collaborative in outlook and aim to work with other individuals and organisations who offer help and support because we recognise the value others bring and the importance of having good quality options and choices for everyone.

Our Values 

We believe that people should be in control of their own support and care – and that doing so should be straightforward.

We believe that people should be able to choose the support solutions which are best for them without faff and without fuss.

We believe citizens should get the best value for their personal budgets and personal wealth so we support them through the whole process.

We believe that care workers, carers, volunteers and personal assistants should be helped to do their job effectively so that they can deliver quality services.

We believe that people deserve to get the best support solutions to meet their needs and within their budgets.


Salvere Vision 

To make personal support easily available anywhere to everyone.

Salvere Mission 

Our mission is to create desirable personal support solutions that are accessible, affordable and trustworthy to improve health and well-being.



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